Wednesday, June 17, 2015

KARMA Serves You in LOVE

Karmic Debt is at the soul level, meaning you are born with a certain amount of Karma that your previous person did not receive as he or she died before receiving it. 

What does that mean? We are NOT just five sense people (sight, taste, touch, feel, hear) NOPE, we are beyond that. We are multisensory spirits covered in skin, or in the physical realm. Before this life, you're living; your spirit was carried by someone else. (Reincarnation) This PERSONality created Karmic Debt as you had today and died before the Universe balanced the soul's energy (Meaning, passed away before Karma came back to him/her) So, now your PERSONality is born with that soul (spirit) and guess what, that is your birth Karmic Debt. Universal energy needs balancing for the purpose of healing and evolution. We are Spirits. 

LAW OF CAUSE & EFFECT: What you have done unto others in past lives or this one (cause), weaves the karmic agreement of your present and future (effect). Consciously acting from love and kindness to yourself and others instantly bring the present and future karmic contracts into greater pathways of empowerment and unfoldment. How do we create Karmic Debt and why is it important to not become upset when we experience it?

Karmic Debt comes from the Universe, and everything from the Universe is all in love. Example, I can recall cheating on my ex-boyfriend years ago. Fast forward, when I dated my son's father, he cheated on me. Was I to be upset when I committed the same act years before? No, but I was as I didn't realize I created that debt. What's more, this was a man who slept with many women so what was I to expect. I got just what I deserved, but all in love. That particular part of my person was broken and filled with lies, betrayal, and deceit. The lesson for me was to remove those behaviors from my life, and I did. Can you see how cheating and being cheated on made me better? Karma is good for the soul; it is just a matter of how the PERSON decides to view it or connect to it. Allow your heart to connect, not your person. 

We come to learn what is and is not like love. In the worlds of duality, (good & evil) we learn from “good-bad,” “problem-solution,” fear and doubts, etc. until we evolve into divine love, joy, and awareness. (ONLY ONE SOURCE) 

Karmic Debt is here to serve us a purpose as we signed up and agreed to what we have, are, and will experience. It is critical NOT to react; as with everything we feel, say, or do, we make choices. Whatever you choose to do; produce a wave that travels through time; those choices are our Karma, good or bad. Let's go a little deeper. 

Imagine the murder of a child. All those attached to that child will react in pain, anger, discord, guilt, and might even commit unhealthy acts. Let us pose this question. What if the "person" who carried the child's soul before the child "person" was born, committed murder? What if? What if the balancing the Universe's energy required the same act committed in the previous lifetime? How would you view this experience then? 

What if the "person" I was before today had sex with children and wreaked havoc on them? What if? What would that person's Karma be if they lived to feel it? What if that person died before Karma balanced their soul's energy? Who would then receive that Karma? Me. 

As a child, I was sexually molested. The Universal Law of Karma states that the same way the energy is put out into the world is the exact way it is returned. What you do to others will come back and be done to you. Karma is not just in your present life as it also applies to the lives you lived before the present one. One might find this hard to digest as we believe we are only five senses and that once we physically die, that is it. Energy is nor destroyed or created as it is only transferred. We are energy. If you understood that we are multi-sensory spirits, you would see that Karma never ends unless we accept responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions and "allow it to be okay." 

LAW OF EMPOWERMENT states that if you “let whatever happens to be ok,” you are accepting the “default” pattern of karma. Empowerment comes from a conscious decision to take control of karma by taking absolute and total responsibility for your life and by always consciously acting with loving kindness.

Everything that happens in our lives is for us as nothing is by chance, and nothing is for our demise. We have to trust the process of life as everything is where it should be and all through our creations. The Universe only provides love. 

LAW OF LOVE – Karma begins and ends with love. Karma was created to propel you as a soul on a personal journey of reincarnation through the universe. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love unconditionally. The sole purpose of karma and reincarnation is to bring us all to a state of divine love, joy, and awareness.


I am not only a Certified Life Coach, Author and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. 

“What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love compassion and forgiveness.” 

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