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Ten Ways to Love on Self (Self-Care)

Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to transform your life. When you think about self-love, what exactly do you say? Do you think it's about buying yourself a nice gift or taking yourself on a date? Do you think it's about being selfish or self-preservation? Well, I happen to think it's about all of the above. I borrowed the image to the left and appeared as if the woman is embracing herself; that is an action of self-love. Well, how often do you get the opportunity to nurture yourself? I love on myself daily and if not daily at least a few days a week. I didn't always, but today it is imperative that I, you and we learn to love self more than we love on others. Listed below are several ways to love and nurture you. 

Self-love is the most important element needed to have the life you desire. Self-love is not often taught in any family as we must learn to do so throughout our life's experiences. Most people never make it to this space. Some of us live our entire lives as people pleasers and doing everything for everybody else and nothing for self. In this blog, not only will I share ten ways you can love yourself, but I will also share how these acts are beneficial for you. You will become familiar with how self-love leads to you to a happy life as well as why it is important to love every fiber of your being. It all begins with you. No-one can love you if you cannot love yourself and you cannot truly love others if you do not love self.

Ten Ways to Love on Self

1. Exercise:
Most people exercise to release weight, and that is fine. However, working out has a lot more benefits than losing weight.
One of the fascinating things about exercise is the “feel good” hormone. Why is exercise so important?

Start at your pace, but please do get started. Go walking for 30 minutes. There is an enormous amount of information on exercising listed on the website. Please do yourself a favor and exercise; make it a way of life. If you love yourself, you will find a way and not an excuse.

2. Positive Affirmations:Speak positively to self. We all know the saying; there is life and death in the tongue. So, why would you talk or think negatively of yourself? Here is a list of affirmations you can say to yourself every day. In fact, try this exercise. But first, do you remember when you were in grade school, and maybe you talked too much (like me), and your teacher told you to write 100 times "I will not disrupt the class." Did you ever have to do that? I did and on numerous occasions. At any rate, the purpose behind that is programming the subconscious mind so that you won't talk so much in class. Repetition leads to results. If you write it, you think it, if you think it, it becomes so, and you will believe it. Well, the same principle exists with affirmations. The statements listed below are some that I use daily. Select the ones that resonate with you and write them 100 times, just kidding, write them five times in the morning, in the afternoon and before bedtime. Do this for thirty days and stay focused. As you are writing, speak them aloud with a confident voice.

I deserve the very best in life.
I sow the seeds of peace wherever I go.
I surround myself with peaceful people.
I am completely pain free, and my body is full of energy.
I love and approve of myself.
I am healthy and beautiful.
I am present to the gift of now.
I act from a place of security.
I fill my mind with positive thoughts.
I feel good about being alive and being me.
If you need more, go to my favorite affirmation site. Louise Hay

3. Massage Therapy:
Everyone needs to be touched; go out and have a professional massage. Don’t worry about your body's appearance. GO GET TOUCHED. I attempt to have a massage at least once a month. I don't always make it, but the intent is present. Monthly massages make you feel good and are definitely a way to express self-love. Here are six reasons you need to be touched

4. Pedicure/Manicure:
I believe we should all receive manicures and pedicures (men & women) and not for glamor purposes but self-care purpose. Pedi’s and Mani’s have nothing to do with your sexual gender, but everything to do with self-care. Your feet and hands need love too. Many victims of abuse fall into the pattern of self-neglect or self-hatred, and we abandon or neglect self. In this, we don’t realize that something as simple as not caring for our feet, or hands can lead to medical problems.

5. Take a Nap:
Americans work, work, and work as we do not allow time for naps or sleep in general. You will be surprised how much better your every day begins to feel when you find time for a nap. I have been taking naps since I can remember and my son has adopted the same principle. Naps regenerate the whole body and make you feel good. Read this article. 5 Reasons You Should Take a Nap
6. Self-Date:Take yourself out on a date. Self-dates affords you the opportunity to become comfortable with self and not be so dependent on spending time with others. Spending time alone increases confidence, removes fear and helps you accept and love self. If you can’t spend time with self, then who will? Embrace the time you spend with self. This month, try one of the activities from the list below.

Breakfast/ Dinner
Spa Day

7. Laughter:
When dealing with stressful days, watch some comedy or cartoons. Search online for silly jokes. Have lunch or dinner with your funniest friends. Play with your kids and if you do not have any, go borrow some, just kidding, watch "laughing baby" videos on You Tube. Laugh until your stomach hurts and watch the stress disappears. 

8. Detox Bath:
My favorite way to express self-love is in the bathtub for twenty to thirty minutes. Detox baths are perfect for showing love to your inner self, and it is one of the easiest healing therapies to facilitate your body's natural detoxification system. Try this.
1/3 cup of Epsom salts
1/2 cup coarse sea salts
Two tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
Several drops of essential lavender oil 

Combine the mixture in a bowl and run your hot bath water (creates a sweat). Pour mixture into the tub and soak for 20-30 minutes. You can also have some ginger tea or warm lemon water while you soak. Read this article on Bath Detox

9. Eat Healthy:  
In the world where food is a science, and practically everything we eat is GMO, (watch the Netflix movie, GMO OMG) we have to take a closer look into exactly what we are putting into our mouths. GMO's are linked to numerous health problems, and if you want to stay healthy, I suggest you investigate where your food comes from or better yet, eat organic. If if doesn't say organic, chances are it is GMO. I grew up on blood (meat) and starch (sugar, rice, flour, etc.) and believe it or not, fats and sugars are highly addictive and dis-ease producing. Look around, so many people are obese and sick. It is the food that the FDA approves as healthy. GMO's will kill you, and real food (Fruits and vegetables) will heal you.  Today, I live a lifestyle close to vegetarian as possible. I still love my Salmon, but for the most part, all of my food is organic, plant based or raw. As the months pass us by, I will tell you why in a blog of course.  

10. Meditation:  
Meditation is concerned with caring for the mind. Although our body and mind are intimately related and interconnected, they are quite different types of phenomena. The ultimate goal of meditation is more than just ‘mindfulness’ or ‘being in the now’. Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Oneness with God, and a state of Grace, all these attempts to name or describe the goal of meditation fall far short, because the goal of meditation is to transcend the mind and experience directly the Oneness of the Universe – something beyond thought or imagination, and certainly beyond words. Personally speaking, the goal of meditation is to realize that you are God. Listen to what Jim Carey had to say about thoughts. Are you aware of your thoughts or do you simply give them more energy. In meditation, you become thoughtless for a reason. 

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