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Recapitulation & Forgiveness

Thank you for stopping by as always, my goal is to empower and transform your life. In life, you will encounter energy snatching experiences, and within this blog, my goal is to help you reclaim your lost energy and use it for something meaningful in your life. When you think of the word recap or recapitulation, you might envision reflecting on something that happened before your current moment. And you would be correct. However, recapitulation delves a little bit deeper. Within this blog, I share with you how to use the spiritual process of recapitulation for empowering purposes and raising your vibrations. 

What is Recapitulation?
Recapitulation is a spiritual exercise through which we identify and repossess the lost parts of ourselves or the lost energy.  It is specifically going back to the experiences that were emotionally draining such as trauma, disagreements, breakups, loss, etc., and taking our power back.  

Through this process, we intentionally and consciously revisit all the experiences that our emotional energy was lost or taken away and we invite that energy back into our lives so that we can channel it towards something positive, beautiful and meaningful. In doing so, we recapture parts of ourselves for rebuilding ourselves our higher self so that we can live an authentic life filled with balance love, inner joy, and freedom. When we lose our energy to emotional disagreements, we lack the energy needed to fuel, nurture and support our higher selves. When we recapitulate that lost power, we can then use it to feed the things in our lives that are purposeful.

My Recapitulation
When I was sexually molested as a child and for many years, I felt, lost, insecure, miserable, defeated, suicidal, homicidal and more. When I was twenty-six, I revisited that experience with the intent to find something positive. It took me another two years to do so, but even then I still felt like I was missing something. When I turned thirty-eight years old, I decided to revisit that experience, release everything and take my power, and energy back and it worked. Today, I have written five books and working on my sixth, spoken at numerous organizations, and is a Life, Healing, and Transformation Coach. That same energy I lost is the same energy that has recreated my life.

When I challenged my son’s school and teacher for forcing him to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher's ignored my request for him to sit silently. The faculty and one of the dean harassed my son, and the superintendent ignored me. During that experience, my the school police officer criminalized my son right to my face. I had to get the news and the American Humanist Society involved so that my child’s teacher was held accountable. And she was. Although I got what I wanted, that entire experience left me angry and emotionally drained. After that, every time I went to my son’s school I felt angry and refused to have any dialogue with anyone that was involved. However, after recapitulation, I redirected that energy towards my purpose in life. So, now I’m in graduate school for Social Work, and upon graduation, I can assist in reforming educational laws, advocate for black boys and continue to heal the masses.

The Practice
Once you identify the experience that drained your energy, you can begin the process of recapitulation. In that, you need to create a conscious intent as without one; that same experience will drain you even more. So, what was the experience and what were my intentions when I revisited those emotional experiences?

Through positive affirmations, visualization, meditation, exercise, connecting with my higher self, and the divine, I recalled all that energy for the intention listed below.

“I forward this reclaimed energy to fuel my higher self and purpose in life.”

As I mentioned above, I am a 5x author, speaker and transformation coach, and in graduate school for social work. The experience with my son was on purpose and aligned with my sixth book. Reclaimed energy, more power, and more experience to enlighten, educate and heal the masses.

Recap Questions
At the end of each day, recap all experiences. Never allow experience or emotions to go unprocessed. Ask and answer these questions in your journal.

1. What is good about this?
2. What is this here to teach me?
3. What are the facts about this situation?
4. What am I choosing to think about this situation?
5. If this was happening "for" me, why might that be?
6. Who do I choose to be as I experience or go through this situation?
7. How can I use this situation to demonstrate my values and my character?
8. Who do I want to be as I go through this?
9. How do I want to feel and what can I do to feel this way?
10. What strengths do I have that will help me through this?

Within recapitulation, once must understand that forgiveness is aligned. The process of recapitulation is synonymous to forgiveness. Listed below are my five steps to forgiveness.

Watch the full video here. A Dissertation on Meditation

What is Forgiveness?
Forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment, negative thoughts of bitterness or revenge toward a person or group of individuals who hurt you.

Who Benefits from Forgiveness?
The individual who was hurt or emotionally drained. Most times when we are hurt, we focus on the experience and how bad it hurts. Before you can forgive anyone, you must forgive yourself for allowing the unhealthy behavior. No one does anything to us that we do not allow. Once you forgive yourself forgiving others is easy.

For- Aimed at
Give- Provide or supply with
Before you aim at giving anyone anything, be willing to give it to yourself first.  

Why is Forgiveness Important?
Forgiveness is important as it frees your mental, spiritual and emotional space. Any trauma not completely forgiven will manifest itself in your mind, body, and spirit as a whole. When this happens, it tears you apart, little by little. As you age, this trauma occupies most of your mental space, and in the event of new injury or pain, you revert to the past pain instead of looking at what happened today. What’s more, you are living in a state of mental chaos instead of freedom as your entire life has become fixated on events that happened early in life.  This type of mental state leads to anxiety attacks, panic attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and nightmares.

Steps to Forgiveness:
Be Sad/Cry:
•    In most cases when people hurt us, we suppress the pain. Instead of dealing with it or grieving, we place it deep in our hearts hoping it will go away. The problem with that is as long as the pain is present, it will surface, and new relationships will be affected. Individuals who have nothing to do with this struggle or pain will feel the wrath from it.
•    In the absence of grieving, the mind becomes filled with bitterness and negativity. You will compare every new experience with that experience instead of looking at the situation for today. A tarnished mind will always retreat to past pain.
•    Grieving does not mean going into a depression. It is to have your days of sadness. “Release It.” Don’t hold onto the pain. Every tear shed is a sign of strength and freedom to come. Have your five minutes of self-pity and keep going.

Compassion: The wish to see other free of suffering. Hurt people, hurt people. I know it’s difficult to have sympathy for anyone who hurts you so this is the part of forgiveness that makes it so hard to accomplish.  How many times have you hurt someone? We are all human, and we all make mistakes. Whether it was intentional or inadvertent, we all err. How did you feel after you hurt someone and he or she held a grudge against you? Deep in your heart you wanted that person to understand your pain and realize that you needed releasing as well.

Accept that the past will never change. The past can only be accepted and embraced. Admit that you were deeply hurt and left with scars. It will be difficult to move forward, but you can. Acceptance does not mean what happened was okay, it means it will NOT change. You have two choices; use that knowledge to recreate your life or exist without life.

Be responsible for your actions and life. (Don’t blame) When an adult stays in a situation that he/she knows does not serve them a higher purpose, it is their responsibility to realize he or she was just as accountable for the experience. We have to see our flaws and where we could have done better. If you know in your heart of hearts that you could have made a better decision, then you are just as accountable as the wrongdoer. Don’t blame others when you know you could’ve done better. Blaming denies you the opportunity to learn, and that leads to repeated history. Denial leads to desolation. Reclaim your energy.

NOTE: You are not responsible for being abused as a child; however the little person inside of you needs to be forgiven as he or she wasn’t able to protect you.

Find Something Positive/ Learn From the Experience: One of the key elements of forgiveness is to learn from the pain. There is a lesson in everything we experience. It doesn’t matter how malicious or callous; there are positive lessons. To learn from pain is to gain power. To learn from harm is to gain knowledge. Find something positive from your experience. Did you learn something about yourself during this experience? Did it make you a better person? 

In essence, to reap the benefits from recapitulation, one must create an intent and then revisit the experience. If you do not create a conscious intent, you will find more emotional injury and lose more energy. The same goes with forgiveness, when you reflect back on those emotionally challenging or draining experiences, you have to be willing to find something positive so that you can use that reclaimed energy to fuel your higher self. In essence, you are releasing what no longer serves you a purpose, embracing what does and feeding your higher self. 

Thank you for reading. Please share with your family and friends so they can reclaim their energy and direct into something meaningful and purposeful. 

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I am not only a Certified Coach, Author, and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me, and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love, and forgiveness.