Monday, October 17, 2016

Ten Easy Tips For Writing a Book

Thank you for stopping by my blog as always my goal is to empower and transform your life. I've decided to offer you some free tips on writing your book and if you need more assistance, please reach out to me. 

The hard part for most writers, isn't getting a book published, it is writing the book. Publishing a book is very easy now-a-days seeing as though we have numerous self-publishing platforms. I personally use Create Space, an affiliate of Amazon. 

1. Create An Outline: I did not have an outline when I wrote my first book and my goodness, there was absolutely no structure. Write a table of contents to guide you. Then under each content, write sub-contents that go along with that chapter. Remember, there is a middle beginning and end, so make sure your outline is organized in this fashion.​

2. Start Small: Don't be in a hurry to finish your book. Write one page a day. Although for me, I sometimes wrote ten pages a day, however, I had the time to do so. But, you can definitely write one page a day.

3. Separate Files: Save each chapter in a separate folder so in case you have to go back and add something or the Universe downloads a great idea or message, you won't have to 'scroll' through the entire book to find it. That was the absolute worst for me; trying to find a section I wanted to add to and having to search the entire book. 
4. Set a Time: Each day I wrote in my book after I dropped my son off at school, however, I did not write on weekend as that was my time for me to do what I chose to do. Select a time each day and stick with it. 

5. Choose a Place: Believe it or not, my place of choice was the library and work. (Of course when it was not busy.) There was no way I was going to be able to write in the presence of child. I remember my son told me, he hated my computer. So, choose place where it is quiet and there will be no disruptions. 

6. Deadlines: I was so not good at meeting deadlines when it came to writing my books. Having a son, husband, running a business, staying in shape and keeping up with the Kardashians (just kidding) was way too much for me. But you can. Create deadlines that are easy to meet like, word count or writing one page per day. 

7. Feedback: Before publishing your book, have at least 3-5 people review your book. Preferably those who have written books before. Get feedback from them. An extra 3 or 4 set of eyes is always helpful. 

8. Word Count: How many words do you want your book to have? 

10,000 words: Book of Poems
20,000 words: Workbook or Guide
40,000–50,000 words: Good Size Non-Fiction book
60,000–70,000 words: Longer Non-Fiction book
80,000 words–100,000 words: Novel or Memoir 

9. Do Not Edit: Don't attempt to go back and correct errors or you will never finish the book. Wait until the very end to edit your book or send it to a professional editor. Your job is to write, not edit. Don't worry about Microsoft red underline beneath misspelled words or the green underline beneath grammatical errors. Just write.

10. Finish the Book: Life happens and sometimes we get discouraged and distracted. Don't create any excuses and don't get in your own way. Finish that book. You have come to far to quit now. 

Thank you for reading, please share with your friends and help someone write their book.