Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why White Supremacist Exist

Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to empower and transform your life. The issue between blacks and whites is a war for SURVIVAL. You ALL need to understand that issue if as a whole, are not to be crippled, consumed and destroyed. To comprehend this fight we have to first understand the differences between blacks and whites. Yet, when we talk about the differences, white scholars purposely hide the truth and mislead ALL people. The word melanin derives from the Greek word melanos, meaning BLACK. The source of all black beauty comes from this life force and chemical substance called Melanin. Melanin is what makes people human as it connects people with the creative forces of the Universe. Melanin is the genetic key to our humanity, SUFFERING, greatness, liberation, and more.

Melanin is the dominant gene and white supremacist knows that. Yet, they want you to believe that black is scum, lazy, barbaric, rapist, angry, ignorant and the worst human known to mankind. In fact, white comes from black. In the absence of melanin or little to no melanin, white skin, blue and green eyes are produced. Have you ever wondered why tanning booths exists? Have you ever wondered why your skin becomes darker after tanning? The same UV Rays produced by tanning booths are the same UV Rays produced by the sun. When any amount of melanin is exposed to the UV Rays, a process called melanogenesis occurs, leading to darker skin. White people are in essence, black on the inside, yet white on the outside. It was you're white supremacist ancestors who created the lies, and brainwashing images of black people. But, not because they hate us, but because they know black people can literally sex them into non-existence. When a black person procreates with any nationality, that baby will be black as melanin is the dominant gene. This is truth and the reason white supremacy exists. Have you ever wondered why our black men are imprisoned (wrongfully) between their prime ages, may be between 18-35, that time where they are highly sexual and producing babies? Have you ever wondered why white supremacist are intolerable of interracial dating between blacks and whites? If you have, color and behaviors have nothing to do with it, but preserving the white skin has everything to do with it.  

White Supremacy - the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. Why do any human need to believe they that are superior to any human and especially the black race. Why was such an ideology created? Because white supremacist are fully aware of our dominant gene. This does not make us better, yet simply make us the dominate gene. What's more, in my years of studying behaviors and emotions, the only type of person that will attempt to break another one down is one who feels less than. This is why oppression exists and the very reason why white supremacist hate themselves and project their pain and anger onto us. Think about it. What exactly did black people do to warrant slavery? What exactly did black people do to deserve being treated so cruel? Absolutely nothing other than being black and harboring the most powerful gene in the world, melanin. 
White supremacist don't really hate us as they hate themselves for lacking the melanin gene. How can you hate where you come from? It's more a need for survival or self-preservation.  Let me give you some of the benefits of having melanin and I will let you decide for yourself if it's worth oppressing and murdering an entire race.

Benefits of Melanin
Sharper Eyes, 
Babies Develop Faster, 
Younger Looking Skin, 
Natural hair color and eyes
Aids in human reproduction, 
Healthier than white people
Lower rate of skin cancer than white people, 
Essential to brain, nerve, and organ function
Protection against the effects of UV radiation
Neutralizes harmful effects of other dangerous radiation, other than UV
White women have a higher incidence rate than black women in the associated Cancers
Cervical,  Lung, Ovarian, Skin, and Uterine, HPV Associated

Those benefits may piss anyone off who hasn't accepted self. However, instead of hating and being jealous of us, why not join forces with us and stop those white supremacist from creating more pain, and suffering across the world.  Your white supremacist ancestors hate themselves and the only way to feel empowered is to attack the very ones they wish they were. Now, you may not feel that way, but deep in your heart, you believe black people are worthless as you've been taught at an early age to believe so. Or, maybe you believe we are all equal. And in essence, we are. I challenge you to remove the blind folders, set your white privilege to the side, accept the truth and help us make a change.  As long as you turn the other cheek,  you are contributing to the racism  and oppression in America.

Jesse Williams, a black man with white features, hence his eyes, Swedish mother and black father. Watch the video to the left. Lastly, let me explain racism to you. Racism has nothing to do with color, but everything to do with power, dominance and control. White supremacist prevents us from getting bank loans even with the proper credit score. We are not allowed in any school of our choice. We are not allowed to live in certain neighborhoods. A white man with a criminal background is more likely to get a job. Black people face stricter punishments for the same crimes. 'Stop And Frisk" targets Blacks and etc.. Unfortunately as a white person, you may not understand this or believe this and that is okay. In the end, at some point we have to come together or stay divided, giving white supremacy the power to continue to conquer. 

This is in no way, shape or form meant to bring pain or harm, yet, simply to educate those who have been brainwashed and taken away from the truth, your truth and mine. 

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