Sunday, January 31, 2016

Int'l Performing Arts Academy (My son's BIGGEST DREAM)

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope this blog resonates with your heart and inspire you to reach into your wallets and help my son fulfill his biggest dream. Shemar was accepted into the International Performing Acts Academy and is scheduled to start his career in acting and modeling on Sunday, February 6th. The tuition is $4,999.00, but he received a scholarship for $899.00. The balance is $4,100.00 We are in need of your support. 

Shemar is a 14 year young 9th grader who maintained the honor roll since he began school. His teachers call him Shemarvelous as his personality speaks for itself. he has wanted to act since he was five years old and now this is his opportunity to train with the best. 

When he was five years old, he successfully auditioned for a modeling ad and got the part. However, I was responsible for the composite and unfortunately I did not meet the financial needs. Last year he was casted as the leading role in an independent film, but the budget feel through. Now, yesterday (1/31/16) he auditioned for the International Performing Acts Academy and was accepted into the modeling and acting school. I cannot allow another opportunity to pass him by as this is for him; three times is a charm. 

I created a Go Fund Me Campaign as we really need your support. Every dollar counts and we will be very grateful if you can help us. So far, we have only raised $135 of the $4,100 and I believe the Universe will make this happen. Will YOU be one the great people to support my son. If so, please click the link below. 


Shemar is a very respecful and ambitious young man who believes in himself. He loves to help the homeless as well as children who are unfortunate. He has a GREAT BIG heart. Please view Shemar as your son and help me make his dreams come true.

Thank you for reading; please share with your friends and all over social media. 

Love & Light
Mommy Kelley and Child Actor Shemar