Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How To Confront Your Abuser

Have you ever been sexually abused or experienced any form of child abuse? Have you ever desired to confront your abuser?

If so, here are some examples of how you might want to complete that goal. As one who has experienced all forms of abuse as a child, I never physically had the opportunity to confront my abuser as when I did, there was always immediate anger and blame. I chose to not go that route again. But, what I did do was write and publish Perfectly Planned (Overcoming incest, rape & sexual abuse.)

In that, I was able to release what I wanted to say to my abusers. Now, I am not suggesting you write a book, but that worked for me. Within the video I offer suggestions on how to approach your abuser in a non-violent way.

Please watch the video below and if you have any questions you'd like for me to answer, please leave it in the comment area or email me info@kelleyporter.com

I am not only a Certified Life CoachAuthor and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. 

“What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love and forgiveness.”

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