Monday, March 16, 2015

Forgiveness Leads to Emotional Stability

Are you harboring negative energy such as anger or pain towards someone? Did someone hurt you and you have no idea how to move forward. Statistics states that 100% of the population has been wounded by someone and most are left with residual anger or pain. Did you know when you hold on to anger or pain it becomes very toxic to the mind, body and soul. Harboring unhealthy emotions lead to a negative thought process, low self-esteem, indecisiveness and an inability to be sociable and respectful to others. One can also develop physical challenges such a headaches, migraines, fatigue, digestive problems and panic and anxiety attacks. 

If this sounds familiar to you, then this program is for you and designed to equip you with the tools to conquer and release all unhealthy emotions resulting in EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

I am not only a Certified Life Coach, Author and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. 

“What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love and forgiveness.”

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Healing the Mind, Body & Soul
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