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10 Effective Ways to Release Pain

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If there is one thing I am completely confident about, that is how to conquer pain and obstacles. The type of pain or obstacle doesn't matter as in my 43 years, I have experienced what most could not imagine. Rather than going into my story, I will do directly into how you can conquer all pain and obstacles. The list below is exactly how I maneuver through all life's challenges, obstacles and experiences that may cause me pain. Check them out.

Acknowledge the Pain or Obstacle: You can't conquer what you refuse to face. Pain and obstacles are made to elevate us. If you refuse to acknowledge the pain or see the obstacle, you are in denial and that leads to continued suffering and repeated lessons. If you are hurting or dealing with a challenge, face it and if it hurts, that's a good thing as you are moving through your pain and obstacles. Never ignore pain or obstacles as they will always be there draining your energy. The best way out is through. 

Embrace Your Shadow Self: We all have a side to us that is not too pretty and most of us hide that side. While that is okay, learn to embrace your shadow side or "ugly self." Do not be ashamed of your "shadow side." Maybe you cuss a lot, or like to over eat, or is afraid of the dark; either way it's okay. Embrace everything about you as this makes it easier to move through life when pain and obstacles present. If you can't move through and embrace self, or your shadow self, how can you move through and embrace pain and obstacles.  

Stop Lying to Self: There is a liar in all of us and that same voice that lies is the same voice that will keep you in the position you are in. If you can't accept self-truth, how can you face your obstacles or pain. When you know something is bothering you, don't allow that "voice" to lie and say "that doesn't bother me anymore" as when you accept that lie, you continue to live a lie. Living a lie will prevent you from standing in your truth, and without truth, how can you move through your pain and obstacles. You will continue to create layers of lies and pain. 

Respect & Acknowledge Your Emotions: The foundation of who you are is in your emotions. When you disrespect or don't acknowledge your emotions you live in fear for a long time. What is it about the emotion that you refuse to acknowledge? Is it associated with emotional pain. Tears are attached to joy, physical pain or emotional pain, which one are your tears attached to? If it happens to be emotional pain, go there and conquer it. Allowing negative emotions to go uncleansed lead to a negtive mindest and how does one conquer anything with a negative mindset. Your emotions are real so never deny or pretend as if they do not exist. There is nothing healthy about harboring unhealthy emotions. Emotions are needed to "go through," heal and conquer. 

Date Self: Get to know you. Can you stand having dinner by your self? Can you tolerate watching a movie with self? Is it hard to go shopping with self? Do you need others to accompany you? If so, this is a sure sign of lacking confidence and how does one conquer pain or obstacles without confidence. Dating self means spending time alone so that you develop confidence in who you are. Once you have confidence, you will face anything as you not only believe, but you know you can do it. 

Relax: This is where the real the challenge begins as no-one who has suffered from pain wants to sit still. Most of us avoid the obstacle or pain at all cost. You'd prefer to keep moving so that you don't have to feel or deal. The great thing about relaxing is you have the opportunity to "hear" self speak and tell you exactly what you need to face and conquer. Unfortunately for most, we'd rather block or ignore the thoughts. That is the worse thing you can do as when you refuse to listen to self, you will experience the same pain or obstacle until you learn the lesson. The lesson is listen and take action. Stop running from any obstacle and face them head on. Relax and then get going with a plan to conquer. 

Meditate: Meditation is an absolute great way to center self, become thoughtless and listen to your higher self. You can never go wrong when you listen to that inner voice as it is never wrong. Don't confuse this with your mind (thoughts) or the intellect as it will always battle the spirit, soul or higher self. When you meditate you have the opportunity to sit in silence and receive energy that is only good for you. In that energy, answers are downloaded. Try it, the next time you meditate, ask yourself a few questions about your pain or obstacle and pay attention to the answers that come from within. The best advice you can every receive for any issue is through the soul as it will never steer you wrong. Meditate for peace, healing and restoration. 

Remove the Shame: Do not harbor shame in your heart. Shame is for those who don't perceive mistakes as an opportunity for growth. We all make mistakes or get involved with someone or something that we know we should have stayed away from. Don't look at anything you did in the past with shame; embrace all experiences and ask yourself, "what can I learn from this." All energy (experiences) is for our highest good. When you hide your pain or obstacle behind shame, it keeps you boxed in and suffering.  Guilt is doing and Shame if "being," remove it as you are NOT shame. Step in from of the shame and make room for glory.

Change Your Mindset: Thoughts become THINGS. Stop focusing on the pain or obstacle as it is attached to negative energy. Let's evaluate what this means. If your "thought" states "I'm never going to have confidence" there will never be any energy produced to enhance your confidence. Let me spell that out. "Never" is a negative word; (thought) so with that negative thought, you will "not" do anything to enhance your confidence. Let's look at that from a positive perspective. Thought-- I have "great confidence." The fact that you know you have great confidence you're going to go out and face whatever you desire as you know you will do well. Look at all the positive energy in that last sentence. (Positive thoughts, words.) So, what do you do?  Change your thoughts. If the obstacle is a painful, tell yourself I AM going to conquer this. That thought will produce positive energy within you that affirms your belief. Change your negative thoughts to positive ones and watch the energy you produce thereafter. Conquering becomes a way of life. 

Journal: Document your emotions, pain, experiences and obstacles; journaling is a very effective and inexpensive way of getting clear on what's hurting you or what you need to conquer. Write the date and experience and then document your thoughts and emotions; even if it's something from the past that you haven't faced. If this triggers tears, that is okay. What that means is you are releasing. Continue to write daily and as time passes look back on the first day you journaled and compare your emotions. See if they are getting better, are you learning about self, are you discovering a new you? Journal daily and while you write you release. 

I am not only a Certified Life Coach, Author and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. 

“What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love and forgiveness.”

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Healing the Mind, Body & Soul
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