Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day: Love Has Nothing to Do With Money

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The History of Valentine's Day has nothing to do with the way Americans celebrate it today. The (unknown) condemned Father Valentine fell in love with his jailer's young daughter and on Feb, 14th; the day Father Valentine was executed, he passed a note to the young girl and it was signed "From Your Valentine." 

Personally speaking, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day with anything more than dinner. I have never expected my man to hurt himself trying to please me. What's more, we share gifts, candy and flowers etc... Yes, I buy the one I love something as we exchange love. I really can't see it any other way as this is not a true holiday. Americans made this holiday what it is today and unfortunately, couples become angered and hurt, expectations of gifts and spending money is unusually high. More money is spent on this day than on Mother's Day. What have we become? Too much emphasis is placed on the value of gifts than it is love. 

Here are three reasons why you should not get so consumed on buying or receiving gifts on this day.

It's One Day: You don't need "one" day to express love to your partner as you should always express your love. Throughout the year, couples should engage in each other, spend quality time, and take care of each other. Now, whether you buy gifts, or go on fancy dinner dates, this should be done throughout the year and not just one day. 

Gratitude: If your partner has a grateful heart, he or she will not expect you to go out of your way for one day. He or she will accept whatever your heart desires to share. If he or she decides to do something simple like stay home and watch romantic movies that should be accepted. Where is the gratitude? Where is the appreciation? Have we become so consumed with a day that history states that the real Father Valentine isn't even known and this day wasn't even about gifts and love. Don't be so ungrateful that it takes your partner to spend his entire check to please you. Your relationship should not be centered on gifts and money as it should be about love.

Love Has Nothing To Do With Money: Love has absolutely nothing to do with money. Receiving a gift from someone you desire to be with, but he or she really doesn't care about you, says nothing about the gift itself. Most men purchase gifts out of pressure on Valentine's Day. Some purchase gifts just to shut their women up. Wouldn't you rather receive a gift that is wrapped in love? A gift that comes from his heart and is thought of and not what you expected him to do. Why do you need a fancy date, or chocolate, or flowers or cards? If he loves you, you will receive that throughout your relationship. Don't minimize yourself to one day. If you're going to expect this type of treatment on one day, up your game and expect it all the time. 

How should this day be spent? Like any other day. On this day, you and your mate should get together and satisfy each other's needs. It's not about women and it shouldn't be about how much he spends. You're both special and both needs to be treated special. 

~Keep it simple; create a romantic atmosphere with beautiful colors, a pretty table cloth, some rose pedals, candles, and cook a meal together you have never eaten.

~How about you both get your money together and share the expenses on this day.

~Have a massage, pedicure and manicure together? Or do it yourself.

~Do something different together that you have never done; whatever that might be.

~Go out to dinner and feed each other.

~Make love on the elevator of a building; that can be very exciting and memorable.

~Get sexy and take some fabulous pics together.

~Become a bar tender and create a beautiful drink for you both and then ravish each other.

~Decorate the kitchen table and lay there with some beautiful lingerie on; be the dinner and desert. Men love it when sex is involved.

~Take a nice hot bubble bath together and feed each other chocolate covered strawberries and thereafter, ladies become the strawberry, and men become the chocolate.

In essence, you both should be made to feel special each day, not just one day. We don't need holidays to express our love. If you love him, you shouldn't want him to hurt himself trying to please you. That is not love and if Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love, make sure you express your love to him as well. Get in the game and be creative so that he smiles on this day as well. Don't you know some men do not look forward to this day, because of the pressure behind it? 

Some men feel very much unappreciated on this day due to the ungrateful women. That can cause a world of problems. Having your man jump through hoops and do tricks to please you for one day is not what love is. Not only that, you blatantly show him that you are not grateful. That is a problem in itself. What's more, don't you deserve this all the time? Is this the only day he shows you love or gets creative in his thoughts. If so, you might want to rethink your relationship. And don’t get so caught up on what your friend's significant others are doing for them on Valentine's Day. Do not allow another woman or man to tell you what should or should not happen on this day. As if you do, they may as well run your household. Keep the external factors out of your relationships and stop comparing what Karen's husband did for her on Valentine’s Day to your man. Men hate that. 

All you need to do is be thoughtful, creative, kind and loving to the one we consider our partner, wife, husband, girl/boyfriend, significant other, etc... Keep love in mind on this day and every day, and don't become selfish and ungrateful. 

You're probably wondering what we're going to do on Valentine’s Day; well, stay tuned and we will show you how simple, yet beautiful it can be when two people come together in love. Looking for relationship coaching? If so, please visit my website. 

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