Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) topic has been one of the most controversial topics alongside racism and I am here to add my two cents where applicable. First off, I am not comparing being black to being gay, nor am I stating the two are related. However, there is a direct connection between Black and being LGBT, and that is racism, prejudice and maltreatment. However, that is not the purpose of my blog today.

I want the LGBT community to know that love is love and what gives anyone on this planet the right to judge, ridicule and cause harm because of your sexual preference or who you choose to love. Who you have sex with or love is your decision. When I lived as a Christian woman, I had the same views as the Bible; homosexuality and lesbianism is abomination. Well, I no longer adopt that principle as I am no longer a Christian woman. I am a Spiritual woman who embraces God, love and light. That’s it, that’s all. Nothing else matters.

Man and religion has a way of brainwashing others to believe that what works for “it” or “them” is the only way. I disagree. When you stop judging, and criticizing others you can then focus on the mirror and improve your life. Now, do I believe lesbianism or homosexuality is right or wrong? It doesn’t matter what I believe, what matters is people being happy and at peace with who they are. Will I indulge in that lifestyle? No. Have I in the past? Yes, as I was sexually molested as a child by a female and forced to engage in sexual activities with girls and boys. Later in life, I decided to have sex with both, but today I am happily married to my husband and not interested in or attracted to the same sex in any sexual way. But let me explain something to you; having sex with a woman doesn’t make you lesbian and having sex with a man doesn’t make you homosexual. Sex is a pleasurable act and the act itself does not make you gay. LGBT is a lifestyle and it is what your heart desires that determines if you are gay or not, not your body.
I understand all too well of experiencing the feeling of not being accepted, unloved, and/ or rejected. You do not need flesh to accept you. You have to accept you as God does. If there are people in your life who judge or attempt to outcast you, then they serve no purpose in your life, remove them. No one on this planet is perfect and never will be, so live your life the best way you know how and always live it in love, truth, forgiveness and authenticity. You deserve love and happiness and you will have it.

One might ask what is my point for writing this blog, well, here are my points

No one is perfect
We all make decisions others will not like or approve of
Focus on yourself and that is when your life elevates
You are only a God of yourself, not others
Everybody deserves love and happiness
Your beliefs are yours and should never be forced onto anyone
Accept people for who they are especially if they are not hurting you
When you judge others you don’t understand the journey of life
Love yourself and maybe then you can love others
Accept yourself and maybe then you can accept others
Do what makes you happy
Follow your heart
Stop worrying about what others think
Embrace God not Religion as you are a God
Stay true to who you are
Love and nurture self before others
If you continue to hide your true self, you will never be happy
Remove all thoughts of being "bad" or "wrong"
You are first in your life so not even your parent's thoughts' matter
Everyone has a journey 

A new day has arrived and it is time for you to LIVE and stop hiding. Express yourself and love it while you do it. As a Transformational Life Coach, if you are having difficulties transitioning and need assistance, or if your relationships are struggling, stop by my website and allow me to walk the journey with you. 

“What happened; didn't happen to me, it happened FOR me and today my mission is to guide you to design a healthy, meaningful life through knowledge, consciousness, self-reflection, accountability, self-love and forgiveness.” 

I am not only a Certified Life Coach, Author and Speaker; I have conquered thirty years of abuse; including incest, rape, sexual, physical, emotional, verbal abuse, and two domestic violence relationships. Today, my vision is to empower you to reach emotional freedom while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. 

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