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Top 12 Characteristics of a GREAT MAN

Thank you for stopping by as always my goal is to empower and transform your life. A good man knows how to please a woman,  but a great man knows how to keep a woman. 

Listed below are my top 12 Characteristics of a Great Man.

Faithful- A faithful man will keep his penis in his pants. The most beautiful woman can approach him, and he will not cheat because he is a loyal person. Regardless of problems or disagreements within the home, he will not cheat on his woman. He understands that no relationship is perfect, but stepping outside of his woman is different behavior. He understands that being a great man means to have great discipline and strength to resist temptation. A great man knows that the twenty minutes of pleasure you may receive from some new p**** can't lead to divorce, a disrupted home or even death. A great man will never cause his woman or himself this type of pain. 

Accountable- One who can admit his bad behaviors or decisions are based on his poor choices. He admits and is responsible for his actions. He will not blame someone for his bad actions and decisions. He owns his poor decisions because he understands that self-denial means self-defeat. A great man is accountable as he elevates himself, and without it, he denies himself growth. He must maintain his greatness. 

Honest- Simple, no liars allowed. A great man will be honest to his woman because he understands lies brings about deceit, and he has nothing to hide from his woman. He knows for certain that he will not subject himself to pain and if he lies to her he will defeat himself. A great man is an honest man and lying to his woman makes him a dishonest man. He understands that one lie could lead to his woman not trusting him, resulting in her leaving him. He's a great man, so he doesn't want to lose a great lady. 

Communicator- A man who knows how to communicate understands that he must listen as well as converse. His ability to share his deep emotions is a characteristic of a great man. He will not withdraw from any disagreement or become silent out of fear of being judged, and therefore he will express himself. Although expressing himself may lead to a conflict, he does so because a great man understands that his emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are important. He also understands that if he doesn't listen, he lacks communications skills. A great man will not allow his ears to be subjected to nonsense therefore what his woman has to say is imperative. 

Diligent- A great man and being lazy doesn't fit any more than oil and water does. He understands that he must give his all to provide for his family. He understands that as a provider he must be diligent in all his efforts to maintain financial stability, peace, and harmony. A great man knows to finish anything he starts and does well at it. He does not half-step because that is beneath his character. He will always be diligent in being the best, thereby being a great man. 

Understanding- During that time of the month and she is feeling irritable and bloated, he understands that's it's only temporary and will not add fuel to the fire. He has a compassionate heart, and before passing judgment, he will put himself in her shoes first. A great man understands that women are emotional beings and with that, he will make the necessary sacrifices and adjustments to please her. 

Selfless- Please know that a woman cannot stand a selfish man. A selfish man doesn't know anything about being a great man because he is out for himself. A selfless man does for others, yet never forgets about himself. He also does and gives from the heart and never expects anything in return. A selfless man is a great man because he has no problem sacrificing himself to make his woman and others happy.

Forgiving- It's difficult to be a part of any relationship and not have a forgiving heart. To harbor pain is to hold anger in your heart so how can you love or be a great man with an unforgiving heart. A great man will not run at the first site of a problem. He is capable of forgiving most wrong except infidelity. However, the ones that forgive cheating is a great man; especially in marriage. Although infidelity is grounds for divorce or separation, a great man will try his best to forgive and move forward before walking away. 

God-Loving- A God loving man understands that he is a God and must behave accordingly. A great man realizes that keeping God first will lead to a happy and healthy relationship and marriage. He is a great man who respects his wife as an equal and does not listen to the worldly views. He lives his life embracing the only positive energy and does not allow the flesh to divide what God has blessed him with. 

Respectful- No woman wants a rude man and only a great man understands the value of a lady, so he will never disrespect her. A great man views her beliefs, values, morals and opinions as critical, so he will never disregard her. He respects her dreams and ambitions and will never attempt to push hers to the side. When approached with a difficult situation that may lead to hurtful, he will humble himself, take a walk and cool off because he knows anything else is less that great. 

Confident/Secure- A confident man is a great man. He will not accuse his woman of doing everything under the sun. His self-worth leads him to a stable mind and heart, and with that, he knows it would be any woman's lost if betrayal occurs. He also has no need to question her every move since he has a life to lead himself. He is sure of his role as well as being a great man. He will not cause unnecessary stress to himself or his relationship on false pretenses and a wondering mind. He is a great man who believes in himself and what he has to offer. 

Leader- All of the characteristics above describes a leader and great man. If you want to be a great man, self-reflect and change your disruptive and harmful behaviors, ungodly thoughts and dysfunctional patterns in your life. Find your greatness and let it shine.
A great man will please and keep his woman for a lifetime. 
What will you do?

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