Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 10 Characteristics of a GOOD WOMAN

Are you a GOOD WOMAN or just a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN who confuses the 2. I consider myself both, however, I wasn't always a GOOD WOMAN, but over the years I have learned. Many women think being a GOOD WOMAN, involves being domesticated (cooking, cleaning, etc), well not many Men will agree and neither do I. Reason being is simply because, Men are Domesticated as well and some are better at it than women are. So allow me to list my TOP 10 Characteristics of a Good Women and if I leave any out, feel free to share. Not in any particular order.
  • Forgiving- It's difficult to be a part of any relationship and not have a Forgiving Heart. To hold onto pain is to hold anger in your heart, so how can you love or be a GOOD WOMAN with an UNFORGIVING HEART.  A Forgiving Heart is necessary since we know men make I'm not speaking of, habitual cheaters, abusers, etc....Common mistakes in relationships, like maybe he came home to late and didn't call or, forgot it was your birthday or your anniversary, those are situations that needs to be forgiven. Also, IF your man CHEATS, and you decide to stay with him, the ultimate GOAL is to FORGIVE him, not PUNISH him, otherwise, end the relationship, because you both will be miserable.
  • Listener /Knows when to be Quiet- We all know women have got to have the last word as well as we always have something to say, well most of us. So here's the thing, when your man is talking, be quiet and LISTEN, don't interrupt him, listen attentively and respond respectfully. Choose your arguments carefully and of course speak when you are spoken to. When you know you are wrong, just hold your tongue and apologize. The one thing that will drive any man crazy is a woman's mouth and the lashing of her tongue. Be gentle, your tongue is not heavy, so you should be capable of holding it.
  • Faithful- No need to elaborate too much on this one, NO MAN wants a cheating or disloyal woman and that is simply bad behavior. When a woman cheats, more than likely he will leave. The thought of another man touching his WOMAN, is a NO, NO. So Ladies, if you feel the need to cheat, just leave, go be single. Not to mention that's a sign of not being ready for commitment. Being Faithful  is a characteristic every man wants in a woman.
  • Supportive- Men have dreams just as women do and they to need support, maybe his dream is not yours but a Good Woman would support him, whether he fails or not. It's not all about HIM supporting YOU in the relationship, it's GIVE and TAKE, he needs to know that when all else fails, you will be there to support him. I don't mean support him as in, TAKE CARE OF HIM, but have his back, make sure he comes home to a supportive woman, who will help him wind down, from a hard day or simply tell him, "I got you baby."
  • Patience-  A Patient woman is one who has the ability to wait for her man when he says "he will take care of it" Now, I'm not that great at this one, but hey I'm not perfect. At any rate, no man wants a woman who rushes him, or is always in a hurry, or cant' wait a few moments or day or too to get something done. Also a patient woman understands nothing happens on her accord.
  • Motivator- Some men appreciate a woman who has the ability to motivate him towards success, not only that, some men need a push here and there to give them a kick-start in areas where they may not be as strong. So if you notice your man/spouse has the ability to achieve greatness and just needs some motivation, help him, encourage him to reach for the stars and definitely do not degrade him.
  • God-Loving- A God loving woman understands her role in a relationship and yes we all have one. She understands that GOD has power and control over not only her life but also realizes keeping HIM at the forefront will lead to a happy and healthy relationship. A GOD Loving woman is one who knows there are rules to follow in a marriage according to GOD and she will not dare defy her father, in turn she maintains balance in her relationship. Get to know GOD and understand his way of life where a marriage is concerned.
  • Respectful- No man wants a disrespectful woman, this relationship will end quickly. Learn to respect your man's wishes, thoughts, dreams and ambitions. If you disrespect the man you say you love, he will no longer have love for you. Learn to humble yourself and diffuse situations that you may readily be tempted to lash out. 
  • Confident/Secure- A confident woman is a sure woman, she will not accuse her man of doing everything under the sun. Her self-worth leads her to a secure mind and with that, she knows it would be his lost if he betrays her. She also has no need to question his every where-about since she has a life to lead herself. She is sure of her role as well as being a GREAT woman. She will not cause unnecessary stress to herself or her relationship on false pretenses and a wondering mind.
  • Sexually Inclined- Every man wants a lady in the streets and a freak between the sheets. She has no problem with taking her sexual relationship to great heights WITH HER MAN. She will rock his world in every sexual way imaginable, leading to a NOSE WIDE OPEN. She is not ashamed to express her sexual appetite and explore new sexual adventures. She is a sexual BEAST.
In essence, there are many  more characteristics that define a GOOD WOMAN, however these are the ones I thought were important. A GOOD WOMAN is hard to find and even harder to keep if you have no idea of the TREASURE you hold.

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