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10 Reasons WOMEN need MEN

There are many women who will convincingly say they do not need a man for anything. Michael Baidsen says men need women for everything. Now, I'm sure he didn't mean everything as in literally, but, his point, men definitely need women.

I was guilty of saying, "I don't need a man," until I grew up. One of the most notorious comments from a woman's mouth is "I can just use a vibrator." Sex is not the only reason you need a man. Let's define the word "need" and then I will define "man."

Need- To be in want, to have cause or occasion for, require, to be under obligation or necessity

Man- Man is patient, man is kind. Man does not envy, man does not boast, man is not proud. Man does not dishonor others, man is not self-seeking, man is not easily angered, and man keeps no record of wrongs. Man does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Man always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Man is God. 

Most women view needing a man as a negative aspect, but, I beg to differ today. No, I do not need a man to make me feel good about myself, nor do I need a man to fill any voids, but I definitely do need a good one. Men are gifts from God just as women are. We are put here on earth for each other, so there is no way we don't need each other. There are many women especially independent women, who will say, "I can take care of myself" and "I don't need a man to take care of me." That may be true, but after you read my 10 reasons women need men, you might change your attitude. So please, be open-minded to man and the values he bring to you, us, women.

10 Reasons Women Need Men
  • Love- We need to feel the love that comes from a man. It begins with your father and you seek, and desire it. We need to know that with his love we can conquer anything, not that we can't without a man, but his love make us feel safe, powerful, and wanted, among other things. Love is everything. 
  • Protect- We need men to protect us from the evil beings out in the world as well as the unknown we can't see, but, men can. We need them to be our eyes and ears when we are naive to experiences.
  • Provide- Men are natural providers and regardless of how much money a woman makes, where you may fail, man is more than willing to provide. It would be his pleasure. There are some tasks that women just cannot do without a man. Let him provide.
  • Love-Making- I'm sure most women own a vibrator, but let's be honest, that vibrator cannot make you feel like a man can. The touch of his body against yours along with the passionate kisses and touches manifest the feeling of love. Sex is the most intimate experience and with it, brings love. It is the exchange of energy and will make a woman feel like a million bucks. Vibrators cannot make you fall in love again, nor can they evoke a "real" orgasm, but man can.  Or maybe a vibrator can, but when you're done, that vibrator cannot cuddle with you. 
  • Companionship- Sure, women have tons of girlfriends, but what's better than your man being there as your companion when all else fails. Your man should be your best-friend, the one you watch movies with, play cards, read, exercise and cook with, etc. How about his presence is refreshing and warm. Even sitting in silence and knowing he is there brings great pleasure. 
  • Confidant- We need men because so that we can confide in them, when we trust no one else. He is the one we tell our deepest emotions to. He is the one we are intimate with, and he is compassionate and understanding. Again, we talk to our girlfriends about a lot, but we know they will eventually spill the beans, but your confidant will not. He will not give anyone ammunition to hurt what he loves. 
  • Guidance/ Leadership- Where women are weak, our men will be strong. We need guidance in certain areas of our lives, i.e. spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, etc... We need to be lead at some point and that is a man's job. Now this is not to say a woman cannot lead as I do in my marriage when necessary. But ultimately, it is a man's role and he does it well. 
  • Emotional Stability- Women are extremely emotional and more than often their decisions are driven by emotions and that can lead to making bad decisions. Men are not driven by emotions, more so, logic and rationale.  Therefore, they can assist us in maintaining our balance and behaving more rational. Yes, a woman can find complete balance without a man, but for those who have difficulties, man can assist. 
  • Pro-Creation- We all know women can adopt or have the procedure called In Vitro Fertilization, but guess what, surrounding those situations is a man. We need men to impregnate or donate sperm if you will, so that we can bare off-springs, and leave our legacy behind.
  • Completion- Women need men to complete them, although they may be financially well off, mentally stable, or spiritually connected, women need men to connect the last chain. Women are single and alone until man completes them. Completes her cycle of life, birth, child, teen, woman, spiritual soul mate, marriage or just a lifetime together...completion. Many women are spiritually complete without a man, but what better way to share the wholeness other than with the man you love and deserve to have. 
In essence, these are my personal thoughts and at the end of the day, all women want and need a man, or maybe a woman feels like she needs a woman, but this blog isn't pertaining to lesbians; not that I have anything against your sexual preference; love who you want. Women need "God like" men, not just any; one who is compatible, loving, and honest and will provide and protect. So, ladies stop lying to you and saying, "I don't need a man." Yes you do. Maybe your heart is scorn, or maybe society has brainwashed you to believe you don't need a man. My question is, "How is that working for you?"

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